We are Red Goats

Founded in 2022, the company is producing games for mobile platforms (in-house development) and has a pipeline of projects in the genre of casual mobile games. Our core team is a joint partnership of experienced game developers, artists and entrepreneurs with extensive track record in the industry. We are headquartered in Czech Republic. Whether you are interested in general information about us or you want to connect and discuss a game project you are planning in the future, please contact us through the form below.


Free to play interactive, educative, fun game where you accomplish a mission by answering general or context related questions. You can guide Olly through the task mission or take a challenge. Our little helper Quizee will support you during this journey.

The game follows the life of a small wizard in a magic although rational world. He starts with little energy, somewhat damaged home and abandoned garden. While discovering the surroundings he find out he can plant vegetables, fix the home and most importantly learn special spells to significantly improve his progress. The game is enriched by interactions with virtual characters as well as with other players. You can trade items, choose to fulfill special requests and eventually earn valuable items. Fastest and broadest development of your magic world is a key to your success in the game!

Want to contact us?

HORIZON TEC S.R.O. ICO 06672078; Spálená 84/5, Nové Město, 110 00 Praha 1